Associate Pastor's Report

I can hardly believe it is 2020. As we begin this new year I want to bring a challenge back to you that I gave several years ago. I want to challenge you to put family first this year.

God has blessed each of us with people in our lives who love us. This may be your biological family or others God has put in your life. Sadly, our culture seems to really be pulling away from the family unit. This year, make plans to do something together as a family on a regular basis. Plan family game nights, movies nights or whatever it is your family enjoys doing together.

Try to do something daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Daily can be as simple as dinner with everyone sitting together, or if your family is moved out of the house a phone call everyday just to stay in touch. Weekly you could have a night with everyone home doing something together, or a night out as a family. Monthly you should do something that is extra special and fun. Then yearly have a vacation with your immediate family and a reunion with those you do not get to see often. If your family does a family reunion then go. If your family does not then take the lead and plan one.

The important thing is to love and cherish the people God has put in your care. Make sure you are there to lead them toward Christ. One of the best things you can do as a family is to have a time of family worship every day. Also, be involved in church together. Volunteer together in the church and be the example to them of how to worship and serve Christ.


John Thompson

Associate Pastor





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