Associate Pastor's Report

I want to put out a challenge to all of the parents and grandparents for Christmas this year. I gave this same challenge two years ago, but I believe it is worth repeating. I challenge you to take some time to plan how you will make Christ the center of your Christmas celebration, and then to put that plan into action. It is so easy to let other things become the focus and it is tragic when we allow Jesus to fall into the background.


There are many different ways we can keep Christ at the center when celebrating Christmas with our families. We can read a small section of the Christmas story every night leading up to Christmas. There are also Christmas advent devotionals you can purchase to use with your children. For little children some families do a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Day. I personally think one of the best things we can do is constantly talk about celebrating Jesus’ birth every chance we get.


This is also a great time to begin doing family worship with your children every day. You could do morning and/or night time depending on what fits your schedule. If this is new to you and your family I suggest you do three things each time you meet. Each time read a section of scripture or a story from a children’s Bible story book, then have a time of praying together, followed by a song of worship. An easy way to start would be to use an advent devotional, pray together using the ”Week of Prayer for International Missions” guide, and then sing a Christmas carol about the birth of Jesus. Then just continue after Christmas!


Whatever you choose to do with your family keep Christ at the center. We have already received the greatest gift. Let’s help our children and grandchildren to know about the gift above all others.


John Thompson

Associate Pastor




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