Associate Pastor's Report

   The key to church growth is sharing the gospel. That statement is in no way a grand revelation. If we want to see more people in our church we must see more people come to Christ. The big issue has always been that to see people come to Christ we must be willing to share the gospel. By “we” I do not mean just the church leadership. We all need to share the gospel as it is the primary responsibility given to us as followers of Christ. Many of us understand this but we do not see verbally sharing the gospel as necessary. I mean can’t we just live as really good people and others will get the hint?


     There is a story I heard one time about a man who was a Christian devoted to his church and living a life that pointed to Christ but who did not verbally speak about Christ. One day he had a long time employee come to him and tell him that he had accepted Christ. This employee wanted a chance to share the gospel with this man. The man told him that he was so glad for him and that he was already a Christian himself. The employee looked at him a little confused. The man then asked what was wrong. He was shocked when the employee said, “I just never knew you were a Christian. For years, I looked at your life and thought, ‘this man has joy and purpose and he is doing it without any religion. If he can then I can too.’ I wonder if I could have saved years of anguish if you had just told me why you had hope.”


     Your life can point to hope and joy but unless you verbally tell people where that comes from they will not know where to look. In fact, they may think they can do it on their own because, from where they are standing, it looks like you are. So, live a life that points to Christ AND tell people that He is the reason for your joy!


Associate Pastor

John Thompson




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