Associate Pastor's Report

     As I write this article our youth are just a few hours away from leaving to go on Fall Retreat at Watermarks Camp. I am very excited that they will have a guest speaker this year. Many of you know Adam Farrar and have seen him grow up over the years. It just amazes me what God has done in and through him. I also feel blessed that I had the opportunity to be a small party of his journey and one of the people who helped disciple him on the way. This is a blessing that we should all be experiencing.

     We are lead to a vital question. Who are YOU discipling? Who is it that you are pouring into, in the name of Jesus? The fact is, if we are disciples we should be making disciples. There should always be someone you are coming along side of to teach and encourage. I want to encourage you to find that person.

     If you do have someone that you would like to disciple, talk to them about it. We would be more than glad to help you get the resources you need or to help you devise a plan. Discipleship is something that helps grow both individuals involved. To teach you must learn. To encourage you must be encouraged and learn to look at things in the best light for the glory of God.

     If you do not know who to disciple, just look around you. In fact, you can probably think of an individual who you know and care about who is maybe a little earlier in their spiritual or even life journey than you are. That individual could use someone who has already been there speaking into their life in love. Don’t be nervous or scared, just jump in. You never know how God may use you to impact that person for a lifetime.


John Thompson

Associate Pastor




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