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Student Ministry Director's Report

Hello Church Family,


It's crazy to think it's already September! Leaves in my backyard are already starting to slowly change color which means Fall, my favorite season, is right around the corner. For me, this means I start looking forward to hiking, mountain biking, bonfires, grilling, and yes, even some fall yard work. Even with all the excitement of fall though, it's a challenging time of the year for many, especially some in our church family. 

Fall is back to school season. This means new schedules, new responsibilities, and new challenges for our kids, students, and teachers. It also means new temptations too. In a world that is increasingly becoming less accepting of the Gospel and less tolerant of Christians in the name of acceptance and tolerance, those who choose to live out their faith in school are being persecuted more and more. Also, the temptation to make faith a Sunday morning, Wednesday night part of our lives is greater now than ever before for many. I could go into tons of detail, but that would take up way too many pages of paper. In short, pressure from friends, teachers, school administration, and governing bodies can make believers almost feel Christianity is not allowed to exist and be lived out in schools.

I invite you to join me in praying for our kids, students, and teachers. Pray they have strength and boldness to live out their faith in their places of learning and work. Pray that their silent testimony shines through, and that, when the opportunity arises, they can have the words to say to point others to a relationship with Christ. Let's pray that revival breaks out in this country, and let's pray that it radically changes the lives of our Next Generation. 

In Christ,

Brett Hay

Director of Student Ministries

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