"Plans for ROY "

You may ask who is ROY? Actually, it is an acronym for “Rest of Year”.


So, what are our musical plans for the year remaining? Music requires personal activity for all participants. It requires the person who diligently practiced their voice and/or instrument and the audience who appreciates what the artist is playing/performing. Whether this is sacred church music or secular music entertainment. The infamous COVID19 has put a serious wedge in the normal operations of all music genre, until the world can find a way to deal with “hidden enemy” safely and effectively.


Well, thanks to the lovely weight of this virus pandemic, it looks like whatever we do is going to be guided by social distancing practices. This not only makes it difficult for our normal church services but any kind of event outreach that would put our beautiful sanctuary to capacity.


BBC Celebration Choir:

After talking with other Music Directors, for the sake of their congregations, all choir activities are on hold for safety reasons. Some churches have stopped live music completely. My hope was that his all might calm down by September 1, 2020 enough to have our choir recommissioned back into service for congregational singing and to prepare for our usual Christmas Concert. This is unlikely, at this point in time. Not to worry, though. We all need something uplifting for our Christmas season and the BBC Music Dept. will be sure to deliver, just on a smaller scale.


Regular Morning Service

Music will still be an important part of our Sunday Morning Service. Our BBC Praise Team “Sounds of Shiloh” will still lead service singing for all who attend and back up guest singers as needed. Our offertories will continue with solos, ensemble and instrumentalists willing to come along side our worship singing to God. In this effort we will use our internal talent and other Christian musician friends outside of our church walls.


Plans for Roy?

It is easy to see a lot of negativity, doom and gloom in the headlines these days. However, we have one thing this physical world cannot offer us. The hope and joy we have in our Risen Savior. And, because of we have a God who loves us and knows what is best for us even among the strife we are experiencing. I leave you with this Bible verse…


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future


In His Service and for His Glory,

 Jon H. Vosburg lll   

Music Director/Bethlehem Baptist Church









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