"Worship Team Planning 2021"

At the time of this writing, vaccines are being administered for the COVID strain in an effort to control the deadly effects of this virus. However, it appears the full function of our BBC Music Ministry will still be subjected to the constraints of this pandemic.


BBC Adapt & Overcome

Until we have complete freedom to worship and utilize all the musical talent once this pandemic is under control, we will have to move in a logical and strategic way to be prepared when we can fully engage in all aspects of Worship and outreach to the community around us and to encourage our saints within.


Men of God: We have music for a men’s choir that can utilize our BBC male tenor, baritone and bass singers. Hopefully, we can social distance at rehearsal and offertory performance to meet CDC guidelines, while continuing to build this important underpinning of our choir when it returns.


BBC “Quasi-Choir”: I purchased enough Choir music in January 2020 to cover a Choir Special once a month for almost 1.5 years. This was based on 16-person choir Pre-COVID. However, at present, we only have enough Mics for (4) singers S,A,T,B (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) as we adhere to the social distancing on the Sanctuary platform.  We used this strategy successfully at our Christmas Morning service Dec 2020 where we cobbled together past Christmas music with limited orchestral music and a quartet (S,A,T,B) representing and singing what our full choir would normally produce. Mixing both “live” and video streaming, this seemed to work within the confines of COVID.


The Holy Spirit came upon me as I wondered how we might be able to use more of our congregation singers in a Worship capacity. Thus, the idea of a “Quasi-Choir” came to mind. As we try to pull our Choir slowly back together, we could utilize a combination of the Men’s choir, Praise team and those that feel safe coming to Choir ensemble practice in preparing a Choir Special each month as we have in the past. With this strategy and current budget, I will only order 6-8 choir books to cover 6-8 months of offertory Choir Specials, rather than waste the Choir music previously purchased on this effort. We may have to get creative on the Microphone arrangement while social distancing at performance. The end result is to encourage, train and utilize the talent God has given many of our Saints we have within our congregation under these COVID constraints.


Youth Music Training: Another area the Holy Spirit has put on my heart is to develop the talent we have in our youth and to see more young people engaged in our Worship at BBC. Therefore, I plan on scheduling time to procure music that young people can relate to while developing their talent to deliver the best ensemble sound for future offertories and to learn to be comfortable in music fellowship.


In closing, I feel we are being tested to find ways to Worship God with the resources He has given to us. Please come and be a part of the groundwork as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder to adapt and overcome.

In His Service and for His Glory,

 Jon H. Vosburg lll   

Music Director/Bethlehem Baptist Church









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