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“April Worship Team Report

This April Music Notes newsletter reflects on the progress we have made in both our Contemporary and Traditional services since the beginning of the year and especially in March 2024. Both services are growing in number and simultaneously refining our music presentation both “live in person” and through our internet social media outlets.


Contemporary Service

In addition to new equipment purchases to enhance the delivery and quality of the music, the contemporary praise team continues to expand its repertoire and presentation of worship songs. Leading the Praise Team, Brett Hay has chosen excellent songs that fit the Holy Easter season that helped us understand the sacrifices God made having Jesus die on the Cross for our sins.



Traditional Service

In March, we enhanced this service by employing the Bass and Drums to fill out the sound and accentuate rhythms. We also employed both instrumental and vocal accompaniment on congregational singing, vocal and instrumental arrangements.


March 10 Offertory: Emily Orcilla, soloist – “Redeemer, Savior, Friend”

March 17 Offertory: Chris Ertell & Dreama Vosburg – Piano & Flute Duet

March 24 Palm Sunday Offertory: Ladies Endless Praise Trio – “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”

March 31 Easter Sunday Offertory: Donna Gocha & Dreama Vosburg – Organ & Piano Duet


I believe God is blessing us with talent and the direction we should go in the effort to magnify and glorify what Jesus has done for us on the Cross.


In closing, as we are ever growing and going to make disciples for Christ, consider being a part of our Worship Team. We still need people for our audio, visual, singers and instrumentalists to continue to share the responsibility for preparing and the delivery of music and production for both our Contemporary and Traditional services. Please consider being a part of this very important ministry.



In His Service for His Glory,

Jon H. Vosburg lll   

Music Director/Bethlehem Baptist Church







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