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“Merry Christmas! Let it all be about Jesus!”

The end of 2023! Can you believe it! And it comes with all the craziness, with shopping and preparing for all kinds of festive parties, dinners and holiday planning. So too are we at BBC collectively closing the books on one year and preparing for the next. Our formal budgets are in place for 2024 to be finalized with our last general session and soon we will say “goodbye” to 2023.


2023 has also ended this year with even more chaos and confusion in this corrupt and depraved world. If ever there is a time for Jesus, it is now. He is the only answer to all the injustice, greed, perversion and political posturing we see around us. I pray, we as a nation and as the world at large, understand the value of human life and the liberty God has given us from our sin oppression: externally and internally. Clearly, this can only be found in Jesus!


Community Christmas Concert

A bit of hope in North Chesterfield!


As previously mentioned in the November Music Notes insert, our Community Christmas Concert is “falling into place”. We have been diligently working at rehearsals to prepare for this evangelistic effort to share the Gospel with family, friends, neighbors and fellow workers. However, the primary impetus of our collective efforts is to share the Gospel in joyous song to the lost who do not really understand the plan of salvation God has given to us so freely.


Please tell all you know or come in contact with to come hear the story of Jesus’ Birth. Pray that hardened hearts, eyes that are blind and ears that have been deaf because of sin that permeates this lost world will come to understand the most precious gift of all given to humanity: Lord Jesus! Pray that all may come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.



 “Merry Christmas”


Again, please be sure to invite family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to our Community Christmas Concert…


Friday Dec 15                     7 pm -  8 pm         Performance

Saturday Dec 16               7 pm -  8 pm         Performance

Sunday Dec 17                  11 am – 12 pm     Sunday Morning Service                 


Jon H. Vosburg lll   

Music Director/Bethlehem Baptist Church







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