“Calling all singers...BBC Music Ministry Needs You!”

Momentum is building as we move quickly towards Christmas 2021. Even though we are dealing with summer heat, it won’t be long until Fall and Christmas will be upon us. There are many things happening within the Worship Team Ministry…


Flowers & Decorations: Tina Bachar, who heads up flowers, has been doing a tremendous job decorating the Sanctuary and property with timely seasonal decorations that accent the worship service and the Fellowship Hall for Bible Study.


Ushers: It is so good to see our ushers back in number to help greet both members and visitors who are now coming to Bethlehem post COVID lockdown. Also, to collect the offertory plates in their stately looking suits. It feels like we are getting back to normalcy once again…Hallelujah!


Audio/Visual: I wanted to give a special shout out to those who help with the production of both live and virtual online service. We are also in the process of getting quotes to pursue a major upgrade to our audio and visual equipment. Hopefully, this will be       completed by Christmas.


Men of God: This dedicated group of male singers is continuing to grow our repertoire with 4-part harmony and will perform every other month with a new song or hymn.


Youth Music Development: It has been truly remarkable and enjoyable to see these young adults become more polished and         cohesive learning how to perform contemporary Christian music for worship. My goal has been to “train up” these individuals to become accomplished musicians to serve in music ministry no matter where they go in their lives.


Praise Team & Choir: The above title to this month’s Music Notes insert says it all….BBC Music Ministry Needs You! Like so many churches, COVID has decimated Choir singing. However, Now is the time to re-build the Temple, in a manner of speaking


Both Ezra and Nehemiah did not rebuild the Temple on their own. They rallied Jewish people to the cause. BBC needs the same call of individual action, dedication, determination and selflessness to serve God with the talent He has given us.


We plan on making August our Choir Recruitment month. Rehearsals will start Sunday evenings 6 pm – 7 pm August 15th in our Choir Room downstairs under the Sanctuary. We will primarily focus on Christmas music, but would like to get back to a Choir piece every other month and eventually help with congregational singing once we get back on our feet again.


Please consider helping this important Music Ministry that encourages the Saints and most importantly, glorifies God!

In His Service for His Glory,

Jon H. Vosburg lll   

Music Director/Bethlehem Baptist Church